What is your sales close rate?

Are you confident it is as high as could it be?

If you cranked up your close rate 5, 10, 20, even 30%, what impact would that have on your bottom line?

What about outbound... how many new opportunities are you generating per week through outbound selling (cold emails, LinkedIn, tele prospecting, etc)?

Every business has to sell. And if you're spending money on marketing, those leads only go as far as your ability to convert them into clients.

"But my industry is unique..."

Yes, your industry and clients are unique... but 100% of the time I've looked at someone's sales process, there have been some super easy quick fixes and some fundamental issues that we work on over a longer stretch of time.

Your Coach

My name is Michael McCaffrey. I have worked in sales for some of the world's most successful companies and sold millions of dollars in services and coaching contracts. I have been through over a dozen of the best sales training programs in the world.

I've taken every strategy and tip I've learned, every tactic I've tested myself and packaged it up into my sales system that I can install in your business in days. 


 As a systems partner, whether your need is "more opportunities" or "better close rate", I commit to leaving you with scalable systems that your team can use forever.

I will coach your team as long as you need, reviewing calls, optimizing & improving new outbound campaigns... and I'll always be there to help create new systems and upgrade old systems.